Schloss Reinhartshausen, Rheingau
Clüsserath-Eifel, Mosel
The Winery Lergenmüller is the specialist for powerful, internationally competitive red wines and elegant white Burgundy wines. The wines impressively underscore their Palatine origin and impress with a clear fruit, unrivaled strength and abundance with at the same time highest elegance. This is achieved by the favorable climatic conditions in the South Palatinate, the valuable and multifaceted terroir of the winery and the passionate work of the winemaker family. This creates wines with a personal, individual and unmistakable handwriting.

Germany - Baden

Germany - Rheingau

The winery is picturesquely nestled within the extraordinary cultural landscape of the wine region Baden, at the beginning of the Durbach valley. Viniculture is a tradition in the Laible family since 1672. Alexander's winery is still located only a stone’s throw away from our parental premises.

Alexander allows to give time to his wines to mature. A sensitive vintification ensures the complex range of aromas of our wines. This means deceleration – not only in the vineyard but also in the cellar. The wines should be able to find their development slowly. The fruit of every single grape should show to advantage. This is how an aromatic variety and charisma are being achieved.

The wines are very flavourful, distinctive in taste and full of character. They stand for youthful carelessness, enthusiasm, tradition and drinking pleasure simultaneously. Their exquisite wines comprise all of this at the same time.

Germany - Pfalz

Alexander Laible, Baden
The “Wingerte” (vineyards), which have melted into very small plots through the division of estates, gain uniqueness and immeasurable added value through land consolidation.
In the following decades, excellent locations came into the possession of the winery. Approx. 40,000 true root vines, with a current average age of over 60 years. These can only be found in the best steepest areas of the Moselle region.
The locations spared from land consolidation in the original part of the mountain bear great names:
The noble wines from father’s cellar inspired Gerhard Manfred Eifel, the son of the winegrower family.

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Sankt Annaberg, Pfalz
Lergenmüller, Pfalz

Germany - Mosel

Weingut "Santa Anna Berg" was originally founded as a "den" to strengthen the numerous pilgrims to the nearby "Santa Anna Chapel". During its turbulent history, it served as a base quarters Napoleonic officers. In addition to the "savoir vivre" , the historic building that remains from this period.
Cultivating the highest elevation vineyards in the Palatinate some of our wines are growing up to 355 m (1165 ft.) above sea level and are located in the nature reserve "Haardtrand" above the romantic wine-growing village Burrweiler. Our vineyards are exclusively patio and south-facing slopes whose specific exposure give our wines their true character. 
Schloss Reinhartshausen; a life dedicated to wine. Shaped by generations of nobility, clergy, of natives and foreigners, of ladies and gentlemen. Realized by enthusiasts, specialists, thinkers and men of the world.
The walls are venerable, through bright corridors and dark cellar blows the breath of history. Everything breathes Riesling! The magnificence of the Castle Park, as the sun glistens golden in the Rhine and vines sway gently in the wind. Whoever sets out to Weingut Schloss Reinhartshausen will find out more than previously searched: history and stories, old and new, world-renowned vineyards, a mystical island and all its own spirit that everyone under its spell and makes forever a part of the legend.